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If you do not wish to log into the transitional version of PCRecruiter, you may return to your normal PCRecruiter login at http://new.pcrecruiter.net/(your usual PCRecruiter login address information).

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What is a "Transitional Version"?

In September of 2008, Main Sequence Technologies, Inc. announced a significant change to the process we use for releasing new PCRecruiter updates.   Previously, a notice of impending update plans was posted on the PCRecruiter.net login screen several days to several weeks in advance of the release, and then the entire system was switched at once to the new version as the update was installed at our main hosting center.

As PCRecruiter has grown, deploying into a wider range of roles by an ever-growing user base, we have recognized the need for a more controlled introduction of new design.  Therefore, end-users now are given a ‘transition period’ during which they may opt to use either the newly updated version of PCRecruiter, or the current version. By providing this new update process, we take a solid step toward offering ever more innovative solutions while minimizing the inevitable disruptive effects of technical evolution.

The transition period will vary in length, depending on the scope of impact for code changed in the update, time needed to optimize the updated version based on user feedback, and time required to prepare the next update.  As usual, we will be standing by to correct any defects or iterate the design to maximize the success of the updated version throughout the transition. We anticipate the average transition period to last between 30-60 days.  At the end of the transition period, the current version will be replaced by the updated version, and the updated version will be replaced by a new update.  Notice will be given on the login screen prior to the final switch from the older version to the updated release.

Selecting whether you want to use the current or updated release is as simple as using “new.pcrecruiter.net” instead of “www.pcrecruiter.net” when logging into your database.  You may switch between versions at any time.  All aspects of your account such as backup, login information, configuration, etc. will apply equally to both the updated and current versions automatically.

The only IMPORTANT exception to be aware of is that any links generated by the system for external use (candidate and employer web extensions, and referral /vendor management, emailed profile links, position approval request links, Monster/CareerBuilder posting apply links, etc.) will be different if generated from the updated version.  Existing external links will continue to operate, as they will remain connected to the current version, but if you are performing a task that would involve the generating of an external link, we recommend doing so ONLY from the current release and not of the updated version.  In the case of the web extensions, we suggest that you do not make changes to your settings based on the updated code until it moves out of transitional status, as those settings will be shared by the current release.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please see http://help.pcrecruiter.com